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2020 Privacy Policy Statement

Protection of private records is a concern for most Americans. We are committed to retaining your confidence, and want to assure you that any information you give us remains safe and confidential. Accordingly, we have adopted the following privacy policies:

The information you give to us about your personal or business records is reserved only for our employees who need to know in order to prepare your tax returns.

Regulations have been put into place to address modern practices that include electronic filing of tax returns as well as marketing of financial products and services of accounting and tax preparation firms. These regulations generally prohibit the disclosure or use of tax return information without the client's explicit, written consent. A "disclosure" of tax return information includes sharing such client information with a third party (such as a financial institution or mortgage company). A "use" of tax return information generally involves the use of the tax return information by the preparer potentially for the purpose of offering non-tax services to a client. Such violations can result in tax preparer fines, imprisonment, or both.

Should you want us to disclose any information of yours to a third party, please call our office at (401) 333-1331 to request a copy of a disclosure form.